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Área Oftalmológica Avanzada (AOA), is located in the ophthalmology department of Dexeus University Hospital, one of the most important private hospitals in the city of Barcelona. Located in the central district of Les Corts, it is considered one of the most welcoming areas of the city and where the most important private medicine centers in Barcelona are concentrated.

AOA was founded in 1989 by the Dr. Carlos Vergés Roger and since its inception it has combined patient care with teaching and research, which has allowed it to equip itself with the most advanced diagnostic, surgical and therapeutic techniques, being a benchmark at the national and international level.

With a human team of 40 over professionals and an organization in Specialization Units integrated into a world-class hospital environment, we cover all the needs related to visual health, offering individual solutions adapted to each of our patients.

Among our highly specialized professional services we find; Specialist ophthalmologists, nurses and administrative and IT staff, distributed in different highly specialized Units: Cataracts, Refractive Surgery, Ocular Surface and Dry Eye, Glaucoma, Medical Retina, Surgical Retina and Macula, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Neuro-ophthalmology, Oculoplastic, Vision and Sport, Low Vision and Visual Therapy.

As a hospital ophthalmology center in Barcelona, ​​in Área Oftalmológica AvanzadaWe treat all eye diseases and constantly research to protect and improve the vision of all patients who come to our ophthalmological center and entrust us with their visual health. It is precisely because of this confidence placed that, together with the other units and specialist personnel, we wanted to highlight our medical vocation, to provide a more personalized service and accompany our patients from the moment they contact us until they have finished their post-operative treatment and control. , if that's the case.

We are a team of people who don't just go to the ophthalmologist It also informs about our ophthalmological specialties, its services and how we can help you, answer questions, make pre and post-operative follow-up calls, among other things, always seeking to help all those who require us.

At AOA we also have a non-profit foundation to care for patients without resources and help in programs of other NGOs distributed around the world, such as the NPH Foundation (Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos).

Our vocation and commitment allows us to invest a large part of our resources in the acquisition and renewal of the best diagnostic and surgical technology, to be at the forefront of the latest advances in modern ophthalmology.

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  1. Maria Jesus

    Good morning!
    I have 54 years and I have 7 with glaucoma, in the left eye I have not lostampor visual and on the right yes, since I started it has advanced me, in the campor visual of the right eye appears in the upper left a black and gray area, I also have myopia, 7dioptrías and I went to a private doctor and advised me to operate myopia by removing the lens, because my cornea is very thin, and at the same time put a micro device for glaucoma, and if in the future I had to operate d glaucoma could be equal. The eyes I have very dry to throw drops.
    What do you think?
    I am from Salamanca and I can not move to Barcelona.
    Thank you very much!

    • Área Oftalmológica Avanzada

      The problem of glaucoma with treatment of drops is that it usually causes dry eye or aggravate it in case of suffering it, as in your case. To solve myopia in these cases is better not to touch the cornea, so it is preferable intraocular surgeries with lens implantation, however, most of these surgeries fail due to the presence of dry eye. We recommend treating the dry eye first and when improvement is evident, then consider surgery.

      In these cases the treatment of dry eye is not enough with drops, it is necessary the combination of regenerative drugs of the tissues and the application of high intensity pulsed light and for this you should come to Barcelona.

      We will contact you to see if we can find a solution and help you.


      Dr Carlos Vergés

  2. Lucía Carmo Correia de Abreu Abreu

    For consultation, for me or my companion that 68 feared years, António Samapaio, and retina retouching, in both cases. Foi operated in Coimbra, I am not embarking on a situation that has been aggravated, but this time is 20 for a percentage of visão.
    Wanted to be seen by a doctor gives v / equip.
    Or what is the fazer e com quem que que de queried?

    We live on the island of Madeira, Portugal and by telephone contact 351 96 9017 631
    I await a response

    • Área Oftalmológica Avanzada

      Dear Lucilia, I am writing to you in Spanish and I hope you have no problem understanding us. The retinal detachment It is a serious situation and one must act with urgency, it is not my specialty but in my Ophthalmology Service we have very good specialists, like Dr Casado. We will contact you to see how we can help you.


      Dr Carlos Vergés

  3. Meryem

    J'essaie de joindre area ophtalmogie advanced .. more je n'y arrive pas .ne souhaite savoir le prix d'une chirurgie du strabisme de l'oeil droit .. so je puisse prendre rendez vous. Ma date est de preférence you will see the deuxième semaine du mois de mai. Cordialement et merci.

    • Christiane fock

      Good afternoon

      I have dry eyes. What treatment options can you offer for this?

      Best regards
      Christiane fock

      • Área Oftalmológica Avanzada

        Dear Christiane Fock,

        We have a ampA wide range of possible treatments for dry eye. From traditional plugs or artificial tears to modern treatments using drops of the ENDORED patient's own blood for the regeneration of the ocular surface, the microexfoliation of the eyelid free edge using Blephex, the application of pulsed light Thermaeye Plus and in very severe cases, meibomian gland probing surgery. Depending on the type of dry eye that it presents and its state of evolution, each of these treatments will be indicated.

        If you want to know more about the treatments we offer in Área Oftalmológica Avanzada on dry eye you can consult them at the following link:



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