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La retina It is composed of six layers in which a large number of nerve cells, photoreceptor cells and blood vessels are found. A retinal hemorrhage may result from some diseases of the retina such as abnormal bleeding of the retinal capillaries or their rupture.

The symptoms of retinal hemorrhage may vary depending on the intensity of the bleeding. Whenever ocular hemorrhage occurs, it is important to immediately see a doctor to rule out complications such as retinal detachment.

En Área Oftalmológica Avanzada We explain what a retinal hemorrhage is and what its main causes are. 

What is a retinal hemorrhage?

In the ocular structure there are two substances: the aqueous humor and vitreous humor. The vitreous humor is a transparent and gelatinous liquid that occupies two thirds of the total volume of the eye. In the anterior part of the vitreous humor, is the crystalline and, on the back, the retina.

retinal hemorrhage

Hemorrhage in the retina is bleeding from the blood vessels inside the eye. When the bleeding penetrates the vitreous cavity, the vitreous loses its transparency, light cannot pass through it, and a loss of vision


Retinal hemorrhage can occur without no apparent symptoms. However, the most common symptoms in patients with retinal hemorrhage are the blind spots in the campor visualloss of visual acuity or sudden vision loss. 

When blood enters the vitreous cavity, it may take a few minutes for the patient to present the sudden loss of sight which, depending on the amount of blood, can be partial or total. 

Causes of retinal hemorrhage

Hemorrhages in the retina can be caused by various causes, some associated with the ocular structure, and others as a result of diseases that affect other parts of the human body and have an impact on the eyes. Among the main causes of retinal hemorrhage are: 


To diagnose a retinal hemorrhage, the ophthalmology specialist should examine the entire ocular structure and then focus on the retina.

It is likely that the doctor decides to perform a OCT and/or a angiography with fluorescein to obtain images of the inside of the eye where the state of the blood vessels of the retina is appreciated. Through fluorescein angiography, the doctor can diagnose damage to the taint or diseases like Diabetic retinopathy. The doctor may also decide to do an ultrasound test to look at bleeding on the inside of the eye structure and determine the source of the bleeding. 

Retinal hemorrhage treatment

Hemorrhage of the retina is a condition that, under normal conditions, heals on its own by draining the fluid from the ocular structure. When retinal hemorrhage is caused by a disease, the ophthalmologist may recommend: 

  • Steroid medications in case of macular degeneration
  • Vitrectomy to drain the vitreous humor. 
  • Laser surgery to stop bleeding from abnormal blood vessels in cases of diabetic retinopathy and exudative macular degeneration. 

If you have suffered or think you witness any of these symptoms, do not hesitate to have an ophthalmologic check in Área Oftalmológica Avanzada. We specialize in the detection and treatment of eye diseases. We will wait for you!

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