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fovea of ​​the eye

The fovea of ​​the eye (or fovea centralis) is located in the center of the macula that is located in the retina and makes it possible for the eye to appreciate the details of the images. The fovea contains large numbers of cone cells, light-sensitive cells that make detailed central vision possible. visual acuity

The fovea centralis is the center of the campor visual and it is essential to carry out actions such as driving or reading.

En Área Oftalmológica Avanzada We explain the medical definition of a fovea and mention some diseases that can affect this part of the eye. 

What is the fovea of ​​the eye? 

The fovea of ​​the eye is, for practical purposes, the center of the campor visual. The fovea is located in the macula lutea, which is the part of the retina receiving light rays and covers about 1.5 square millimeters.

The concentration of cones and the absence of blood vessels in the central fovea make it possible for a person to enjoy good detail vision and excellent visual acuity.

Typically, the visual acuity of a 3-year-old child is 50%. This indicates that the fovea develops during the early life up to five years. 

What structure does it have?

The fovea, despite being a small part of the retina, is made up of different structures.

These are the parts that compose it:

Diseases that affect the central fovea

During the first years of life, many parts of the eyeballincluding the fovea of ​​the eye.

Any inconvenience during development can cause diseases in the retina affecting the fovea centralis.

Diseases that affect this part of the macula lutea are: 

En Área Oftalmológica Avanzada we are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the central fovea. Feel free to contact us if you need one complete ophthalmological examination. We will wait for you!

Eye fovea
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Eye fovea
The fovea is one of the parts of the eye that is entrusted with an important task. We tell you what it is, its structure and its diseases.
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