Astigmatism operation

El astigmatism It is one of the most common refractive errors and occurs when the curvature of the cornea is irregular in several areas preventing us from seeing clearly.

The only way to eliminate astigmatism in a final it is through the astigmatism operationa laser refractive surgery thanks to which you can remove glasses or contact lenses in a matter of minutes.

Astigmatism operation

El astigmatism It is one of the most common refractive errors and occurs when the curvature of the cornea is irregular in several areas preventing us from seeing clearly.

The only way to eliminate astigmatism in a final it is through the astigmatism operationa laser refractive surgery thanks to which you can remove glasses or contact lenses in a matter of minutes.

What is astigmatism?

When a person suffers from astigmatism, the light projected by the objects is positioned at various points in the retina, which causes the person to see distorted, blurred and even double.

¿Why this happens?

Mainly due to the presence of waves in the cornea structure that prevent said part of the eye from having a uniform curvature.

Astigmatism treatment

We can classify the astigmatism treatment in two groups:


Non-definitive treatments are those that we know as reversible. These are indicated for those people who do not have a stable graduation, are comfortable with the treatment they are taking or simply do not want to undergo an intervention.

Among them we find the glasses, is usually the first method of correction of astigmatism and contact lenses, Especially indicated in people who are already used to wearing contact lenses and do not hesitate to use them also when astigmatism is detected.


The only one definitive treatment to eliminate astigmatism nowadays is the astigmatism operation.

Beyond glasses or contact lenses, there are many patients who opt for surgery to correct astigmatism manner final, effective y safe. But you have to keep in mind that not everyone who wants can opt for the astigmatism operation.

Astigmatism operation

En Área Oftalmológica Avanzada We are specialists in surgery to correct vision problems such as astigmatism, that is why we explain in detail the different alternatives you can choose in case you contemplate a astigmatism operation.

The astigmatism operation is aimed at those who want permanently remove glasses or contact lenses. Among the surgical options we have laser refractive surgery (FemtoLasik, LASIK y PRK) or the implementation of a toric intraocular lens.

astigmatism operation


The technique of laser refractive surgery FemtoLasik It is the only surgical method to correct astigmatism whose procedure It is performed entirely with laser. This technique It is the most modern and safe that exists today. Consists in combine two lasers, on the one hand Femtosecond laser to make the cut of the cornea and on the other the excimer laser to mold the cornea and eliminate graduation.

The difference with LASIK is that with the FemtoLASIK The corneal cutting or flap is not mechanically performed with a microkeratome, but by Femtosecond laser.


The technique LASIK It is the most widely used option worldwide, as it allows several refractive errors to be corrected at the same time while offering a quick recovery and less pain than other procedures.

The LASIK method is performed in a way ambulatory and the anesthesia in the form of drops. Then, the specialist removes a layer of surface tissue from the cornea where he will subsequently apply the Excimer laser It will mold the cornea to eliminate graduation. Once this process is finished, the tissue is replaced without suturing.

La vision improvement with this procedure is almost immediate.

This surgery has a 10 minutes duration.


This alternative is the second most used option to operate astigmatism.

Surgery PRK it is also ambulatory and use Anesthesia local, correct the cornea with excimer laser al separate a piece of epithelium by scraping using an alcohol solution instead of a cut.

Once the refractive error has been corrected the epithelium is put back in its place and they are added protective lenses for external use that should be used until the doctor indicates.

This surgery has a 15 minutes duration.

Intraocular lens

Another alternative to correct astigmatism is to implant a toric intraocular lens, a highly recommended option for patients who are not candidates for laser surgeries such as FemtoLASIK, Lasik, or PRK

Our toric intraocular lenses are designed for treat astigmatism permanently, since they allow correcting the asymmetry of the eye and significantly improve distance and near vision.

These lenses are manufactured with a custom curvature, according to the characteristics of the patient's eye, and provide great visual clarity. The placement of these intraocular lenses for astigmatism must be performed very rigorously for proper implantation. 

Refractive surgery is a safe procedure that is carried out under the influence of a local anesthesia applied in drops, aproximately last 15 minutes for each eye and it is ambulatory. After surgery, the patient can go home free of glasses or contact lenses.

During the postoperative period it is important to comply with all medical indications and to attend the check-ups with the ophthalmologist.

What is?

El objetivo the refractive surgery to treat astigmatism It is to totally eliminate the graduation that the patient presents before performing the intervention.

Thanks to the modern surgical techniques that we apply today and laser platforms that we use in our center, we are able to eliminate, during the astigmatism operation, the dependence of the glasses or contact lenses on patients presenting the following refractive defects.


Myopia is a refractive error that occurs when a person sees distant objects blurry but can see nearby objects correctly.

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Farsightedness manifests itself when a person cannot see objects that are close by clearly but can see those that are at a certain distance.

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Astigmatism occurs when the surface of the cornea is irregular. Resembling the wavy mirrors of amusement parks.

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Can I operate on astigmatism? Necessary requirements

So once we know that astigmatism is operable, it is important to know which people can opt for the different types of astigmatism operation that are currently in place. Since not all people are candidates for eye surgery, there are a number of requirements that must be met obligatorily, some of them are:

  • Not being pregnant or during lactation.
  • Not suffer from diabetes nor other conditions associated with this disease such as glaucoma o Diabetic retinopathy.
  • Must be be healthy and not be taking any medication that is involved in blood clotting, such as aspirin.
  • It is imperative that the astigmatism has not changed a year.
  • It is preferable that do not present other ophthalmic diseases.
  • You should not have no type of corneal injury.
  • As for the age at which astigmatism can be operated, all patients must be 18 over years.

When is an astigmatism operation recommended?

If a person meets the requirements to have astigmatism, it is also important to take into account certain factors that indicate that the option of refractive surgery is the best alternative in your caseEg it is said that a person needs to have astigmatism when:

  • It totally depends on the glasses To see well.
  • Practice some kind of contact sport o extreme physical activity.
  • You feel incapacitated if you lose your glasses o contact lenses.
  • Could have more job opportunities when correcting the view.
  • The use of glasses affects your day to day.


El postoperative operation of astigmatism it's very simple if follow the instructions to the letter that the surgeon has previously scheduled the intervention.

Once the intervention is over, the person remains in a recovery room with their eyes closed. Then the medical team check the state of the eyes and make sure everything has gone perfectly. During this time you may feel discomfort in the eye, as if you had grit inside them.

On the same day of the intervention the person leaves home and with the passing of the hours the sensation of having a foreign body in the eyes will disappear.

La incorporation into normal life is very fast and the improvement of sight becomes increasingly evident with the passing of days and weeks. It is important comply with medication, the rest and use of artificial tears as the doctor has prescribed.

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