La presbyopia or eyestrain is a loss of near vision that develops as they become atrophiedphysiologically focus mechanisms. This condition usually affects people 40 years of age or older.

En Área Oftalmológica Avanzada We are specialists in the medical and surgical treatment of presbyopia or eyestrain.

What is presbyopia?

The lens is the part of the eye located behind the iris which allows us to focus objects at any distance. For the lens to function properly, it must constantly change its shape and this can be done thanks to its elasticity.

La presbyopia is a disease that is generated as the years go by and we get older the elasticity of the lens decreases progressively, which causes the inability of the eye to focus on nearby objects.

Tired eyesight affects all people from the age of 45, regardless of the need for glasses. This condition It usually gets worse until age 65, when the lens has lost all its elasticity.

Because the principal Symptom of presbyopia or eyestrain it is the difficulty to focus on nearby objects, many people realize that they are entering the initial phase of this disease when they notice difficulties in reading and are forced to move away, as much as possible, the book or object to be able to see better.

However, this constant effort only generates successive symptoms on the table:

  • Visual fatigue which makes the eye feel tired and sometimes sore.
  • Headaches which can be inclusive of type migrainous. Recall the close relationship between visual problems and headache.
  • Difficulty reading small letters.
  • Need to zoom out on the object you want to focus on or read.
  • This condition may be with other vision conditions such as myopia, astigmatism o farsightedness. Hypermetropics usually have presbyopia at an earlier age.


Each person must be assessed individually at the time of addressing the treatment since there is no single option for all cases.

Because it is a condition that there is no cure, as the disease worsens the person will need wear glasses or contact lenses to read and focus closely. If a person has other vision conditions, they can modify their glasses by adding bifocals that allow them to see better up close. Those with no vision problems probably only need to wear glasses to read.

Currently, two options are also handled treatment for presbyopia most innovative and surgical. However, not all people who have presbyopia are candidates for surgery, since they must meet a series of requirements, such as not having diabetes or being in good health.

To treat presbyopia, diagnosis is essential, so it is important go to the ophthalmologist when there is difficulty reading. The eye health specialist will perform a complete eye exam and dilate the pupil to detect in what situation the lens is.

Depending on how affected the lens flexibility and how advanced the presbyopia is, the doctor will decide the ideal treatment: glasses or presbyopia operation.

Glasses for presbyopia

The glasses for presbyopia are the most used treatment to treat tired eyesight and to correct the difficulty of focusing closely. However, there are different types of glasses for presbyopia, such as:

single vision

Are glasses indicated for people who do not have other vision problems, as they have the same graduation throughout the lens. Therefore, they are intended, in this case, to correct only the difficulty in focusing up close.

There are monofocal aspherical lenses that offer almost perfect vision. However, these glasses have a disadvantage, and they tend to modify the vision from afar and make it somewhat blurred, which is why Only recommended for reading or being on the computer.


As the name infers, these crystals help correct the three distances from campor visual: search, far e intermediate, becoming the best option for all those people who failed to get used to the use of bifocal glasses.

Disadvantages? Yes. They are also unsightly and its use it can be uncomfortable.


In these glasses The function of the crystal or lens is divided into two parts, the part top helps focus long distance objectswhile the part less allows to correct the close focus and reading.

These types of glasses are one of the options most used by people with presbyopia, however, they have the disadvantage of preventing seeing clearly objects that are at an intermediate distance of the campor visual Also, these glasses are more unsightly and are usually uncomfortable for the use of the computer and it can be difficult to get used to them.


These glasses are recommended as the most complete and best result option to correct presbyopia.

They are usually much more expensive than the previous options, but they offer correct vision from any distance when balancing the head or the look. Of all the glasses for presbyopia this is the most aesthetic alternative.

Presbyopia operation

There are currently different surgical treatments to correct presbyopia safely and effectively, depending on age and graduation (diopters).

En initial stages, you can use the excimer laser on the cornea (similar to the refractive surgery) to make a molding of this and improve the depth of focus. Other alternatives are the lens implant inside the cornea (Kamra) or implants in the sclera (Refocus).

From the 45-50 years, the most used technique is the multifocal intraocular lens implant able to focus the images from far and near, achieving independence of glasses in a safe and definitive way.

With laser

It is a combination vision treatment, similar to that used also for myopia. It helps correct presbyopia not only by improving the near vision, but also intermediate.

All people have a dominant eye, which is responsible for seeing from afar, and the secondary eye, which is known as the reading eye, which is more responsible for seeing closely.

This laser surgery for presbyopia power those functions to offer a better quality of life and dispense with glasses. This procedure is also outpatient and topical anesthesia is used to perform it.

Intraocular lens

There are many types of multifocal intraocular lenses to correct presbyopiaHowever, the lens to choose will depend on the needs of the person and their state of eye health. Therefore, the success of this surgery to correct presbyopia will depend exclusively on choosing the correct lens.

La Presbyopia operation with intraocular lens consists of placing a lens to replace the lens. The type of lens should be chosen by the ophthalmologist according to the eye exam. This intervention allows to correct other visual problems such as myopia and astigmatism.

It is a 30-minute outpatient surgery for which topical anesthesia is applied through drops. The Multifocal intraocular lens implant is currently the most widely used method to correct presbyopia and achieve the independence of the glasses. Multifocal intraocular lenses are characterized, optically, by having multiple vision focuses. In the past, most of these lenses only had two bulbs, one for distant vision and one for near vision. However, this has changed and now we have a new lens with trifocal designWhich enables focus also the images at intermediate distances.

This surgery It is indicated from 45-50 years. Prior to surgery, each patient is assessed by eye and eye tests to determine if you are a good candidate for the implantation of multifocal lenses. Because the surgery is not very aggressive, the visual recovery is fast allowing to make a almost normal life immediately after the intervention.

It is important not to lift weights or make sudden movements of the head the first few days and follow the postoperative treatment with drops for a few weeks.

Who can have presbyopia?

If you are wondering if I can have presbyopia, before surgery, in Área Oftalmológica Avanzada We value each patient to establish the safest and most effective strategy.

For this, we have the most advanced technology and specialists with experience in presbyopia surgery. Once simple tests have been carried out, we can decide which is the best therapeutic option for each case..

Visit us and find out if you can have surgery for presbyopia and what are the alternatives to correct this vision problem.

Price and financing

El presbyopia operation price It will depend on the treatment indicated by the specialist. Anyway, the most common surgery for its excellent results is the option of implanting a multifocal lens to correct presbyopia. In this case, the price of the presbyopia operation with a multifocal intraocular lens is 2.250 euros per eye all inclusive.

The price includes:

  • All surgical expenses included.
  • Premium multifocal lens.
  • Possibility of financing up to 12 months at 0% interest.

En Área Oftalmológica Avanzada We are aware that not all patients can afford the intervention, so we have financing plans adapted for each circumstance.

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