Our ophthalmological center visits normally, adopting all precautionary measures

We inform all our patients that we maintain our face-to-face eye emergencies and we complement it with ophthalmic medical care for reviews of those patients who have ophthalmological pathology.

Our Center has the necessary protection measures, as well as the sanitization and disinfection processes. Our priority, now more than ever, is to offer a safe and infection-free environment to guarantee maximum safety to our patients.

For this we have equipped the consultations with:

  • Partition screens methacrylate in the reception.
  • Partition screens Specialty for ophthalmic equipment of exploration.
  • Signaling specific for the separation of patients in common areas.
  • More individualized waiting rooms and respecting the distances recommended by the health authorities.
  • We make available to the patient a mask at the entrance of the consultations
  • Disinfecting hydrogel For hands.
  • Disinfection of the examination room and patient-patient surfaces.

The objective of taking all these safety measures is to be able to care for patients who may need eye care due to an emergency or for prevent the progression of eye diseases due to lack of control or complicating towards more serious situations.
The most relevant cases are:

Similarly, we recommend that before any doubt or inconvenience of unknown cause, contact us. Our ophthalmological emergency team will assist you by telephone consultation or if you prefer, you can come to our center in person where you will be seen by an ophthalmologist.

From Área Oftalmológica Avanzada and Hospital Universitari Dexeus, we continue to work harder to be your ophthalmology center of reference.

Thank you for your trust,
Dr. Carlos Vergés
Medical director