Mútua Terrassa ophthalmologist in Barcelona

mutual ophthalmologist terrassa ophthalmology barcelona

Área Oftalmologica Advanced collaborate in Barcelona in everything related to the ophthalmology with the medical insurer or mutual Mutual Terrassa for more than 10 years.

Our ophthalmology center consists of a medical team specialized in ophthalmology trained to care for all patients from Mutual Terrassa.

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Cataract surgery for Mútua Terrassa policyholders

cataract operation

Laser myopia operation for Mútua Terrassa policyholders

myopia operation

Phone: 935 51 33 00
Address: Edifici Jardi 0 Plant, Gran Via de Carles III, 71, 08028 Barcelona
Email: [email protected]

Mutua Salut – Mutua Terrassa

La terrace At the beginning of the 15.000th century it had about XNUMX inhabitants, mostly dedicated to the textile industry.
There were more than 100 companies that made an industry with a long tradition grow in the city. This end of the century also registers a concern . growing. This is how on April 3, 1900, a dozen members of the Industrial Institute request to hold a General Meeting to create a insurance company for accidents at work.

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Ophthalmologist Mutua Terrassa
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Ophthalmologist Mutua Terrassa
Ophthalmology Center for MUTUA TERRASSA policyholders in Barcelona. MUTUA TERRASSA complete coverage in all specialties of Ophthalmology.
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