Ophthalmologists of Mútua General de Seguros in Barcelona

ophthalmologist mgs ophthalmology barcelona

Área Oftalmologica Advanced collaborate in Barcelona in everything related to ophthalmology with the insurer or medical mutual Mutua Genaral de Seguros for more than 10 years.

Our ophthalmology center consists of a medical team specialized in ophthalmology trained to care for all patients from General Mutual Insurance.

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Cataract Operation for MGS policyholders

cataract operation

Laser myopia operation for MGS insured

myopia operation

Phone: 935 51 33 00
Address: Edifici Jardi 0 Plant, Gran Via de Carles III, 71, 08028 Barcelona
Email: [email protected]

General Mutual Insurance

Mutua General de Seguros was founded on May 3, 1907; More than 100 years later, and now under the name MGS Seguros, we continue to offer products that meet the protection needs of our more than 400.000 clients, families and businesses.


MGS Seguros has a close, committed and professional staff, made up of more than 700 people, distributed in the different work centers: headquarters, territorial addresses, branches and service management centers.


MGS Seguros distributes its insurance products, practically 100%, through brokers. Within the mediation we bet on the so-called exclusive agents, natural or legal persons who only distribute our products, but also on brokers, independent professionals who work for several insurers.

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Ophthalmologist MGS
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Ophthalmologist MGS
Ophthalmology Center for MUTUA GENERAL DE SEGUROS policyholders in Barcelona. Full mutual coverage MGS in all specialties of Ophthalmology.
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