Cigna ophthalmologists in Barcelona

ophthalmologist cigna ophthalmology barcelona

Área Oftalmologica Avanzada collaborates in Barcelona in everything related to ophthalmology with the insurer or medical mutual Cigna Spain for more than 10 years.

Our ophthalmology center consists of a medical team specialized in ophthalmology trained to care for all patients from Cigna.

Check our medical picture.

Cataract operation for Cigna insured

cataract operation

Laser myopia operation for Cigna members

myopia operation

Phone: 935 51 33 00
Address: Edifici Jardi 0 Plant, Gran Via de Carles III, 71, 08028 Barcelona
Email: [email protected]

What is Cigna?

Cigna worldwide

Cigna is one of the largest medical insurers in the world, globally is present in 30 countries and serves more than 72 million customers.

The current structure of Cigna is due to the merger that took place at 1982 between Connecticut General Life Insurance Company (CG), established from 1865 in Hartford, and the Insurance Company of North America (INA), founded at 1792 in Philadelphia. The name of the company is the result of the combination of the initials of both companies.

Cigna in Spain

In Spain, Cigna is one of the companies specialized in health insurance for companies. It has a national presence providing service to all policyholders from its commercial offices in Madrid and Barcelona.

The organization, which began its journey in Spain at 1954 as an industrial risk insurer, launched a totally revolutionary product within our borders at 1992: the Joint Reimbursement Health Insurance. At 1999, Cigna ceded its portfolio of various risks to ACE and, from that moment, specialized in Health Insurance for companies and began to develop new benefits.

In 2001 a new line of business was created:

Cigna CIEB

Cigna also takes care of the health of the employees displaced abroad for reasons of their work. Our mission is to give them peace of mind and quality healthcare while they are away from home.

Is your company's medical coverage up to what its employees destined abroad expect?

Today, fifty years after its inception, we can say that Cigna has close to 1.000 corporate clients and has more than 120.000 insured throughout Spain. Most of the companies that have placed their trust in us are multinationals and large corporations, which have chosen us to guarantee the highest level of health care for their employees and family members. However, our commitment to service has led us to design a series of products also for small and medium enterprises, and for all those who have decided to leave their health and that of their family throughout their lives. our hands.

An exclusive service

Cigna is a global health services company, committed to its mission:

"Help the people we serve to improve their health, well-being and safety."

Our company offers an exclusive quality service, created to the measure of an increasingly demanding customer, who is committed to:

Some original and flexible covers.

Access to assistance simple, immediate and without bureaucratic obstacles.

One of the most medical pictures amplios and prestigious in Spain.

The freedom to be served by any doctor, dentist or hospital center worldwide through our reimbursement policies.

The best international coverage for expatriate employees.

Some included benefits of great added value as Second Medical Opinion, Cigna 24h Telemedicine, Assistance in overseas travel and, now our innovative Psychological Counseling service and Dental Health Program for Pregnant Women.

And the most innovative services, focused on the prevention and promotion of health and well-being: Cigna Servicios + Salud and Cigna Plusvita.

All the information exposed about Cigna has been extracted from this page and it has not been modified in any way. It is understood that it is owned by it.

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