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ophthalmologist atlantic ophthalmology

Área Oftalmologica Avanzada collaborates in Barcelona in everything related to ophthalmology with the insurer or medical mutual Atlàntida for more than 10 years.

Our ophthalmology center consists of a medical team specialized in ophthalmology trained to care for all patients from Atlantis.

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Cataract operation for Atlántida policyholders

cataract operation

Laser myopia operation for Atlántida policyholders

myopia operation

Phone: 935 51 33 00
Address: Edifici Jardi 0 Plant, Gran Via de Carles III, 71, 08028 Barcelona
Email: [email protected]

The birth of Atlantida

The decade of the 12s marked the beginning of a time of great change for Catalonia. In this dynamic and disruptive environment, a group of illustrious doctors from Barcelona founded what would be the first health insurance company in Catalonia. On November 1927, XNUMX, the Specialty Medical Company was born, which would later be renamed the Atlantida Company.

When Social Security did not yet exist, nor any institution that performed similar functions, the founders of Atlàntida created a new model of medical assistance: private, personal and trustworthy.

A model that, even today, we offer to policyholders who place their trust in us.

The value of experience. Your quality of life, our experience.

Over the years you learn a number of things. Values ​​that endure forever and others that evolve. At Atlàntida we know that regardless of the circumstances, the most important thing is always the people.

The trust that these thousands of people deposit daily in Atlàntida is the fruit of a long day-to-day experience, of a human relationship between doctors and patients.

The constant monitoring of the latest technical and therapeutic innovations allows us to provide our medical team with the most advanced tools for the prevention and treatment of diseases.

With the most up-to-date facilities and all the services within their reach, our policyholders know that they place their trust in a modern company and in a prepared and capable human team”.

All the information exposed about Atlàntida has been extracted from this page and it has not been modified in any way. It is understood that it is owned by it.

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Ophthalmologist Atlantida
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Ophthalmologist Atlantida
Ophthalmology reference center for ATLANTIDA policyholders in Barcelona. Full mutual coverage ATLANTIDA in all specialties of Ophthalmology.
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