La cornea Tissue is a light-sensitive, transparent tissue of the eye located on the outside of the eye that covers the pupil and iris. The inflamed cornea, better known as keratitis, and occurs when the tissue increases in volume and causes blurred vision, irritation, eye redness and eye pain.

La inflammation of the cornea It can be caused by various infections, eye trauma, allergies o ocular dryness y can trigger visual problems like blurred vision. Treat the inflammation of the cornea it is vital to prevent eye complications and preserve visual quality.

En Área Oftalmológica Avanzada We explain what the inflamed cornea is and how to detect it in time. 

inflammation of the cornea

What is inflamed cornea or keratitis? 

La inflamed cornea is the increased volume of tissue that lines the iris and pupil.

To this anomaly also known as keratitis, and can be caused by factors ranging from a scratch on the eye to bacterial infections.

Inflammation of the cornea is a disorder that it must be treated in time to avoid damage to the inner layers of the cornea.

When keratitis it affects to the superficial corneal layer, known as pigmentary epithelium, talks about superficial keratitis. And when the inflammation spreads to the deeper layers, we talk about ulcerative keratitis.

Ulcerative keratitis is less common, but it is also more serious. This type of keratitis can leave a scar on the cornea that significantly compromises vision. 


  • Eye dryness: the lack of hydration in the eye It may be the result of a deficit in tear production or due to its poor quality. When this happens, what we know as Dry Eye, and can cause injuries to the superficial or intermediate layers of the cornea. 
  • Viral infections: most of these types of infections are caused by the virus of Herpes and they usually cause scarring on the cornea known as walleye. The inflammation of the cornea, caused by a viral infection, can become so severe that it reaches the point where the patient must resort to a cornea transplant
  • Bacterial infections- Any injury to the eye can become infected with bacteria, fungi, amoebae, or parasites and trigger an inflamed cornea. The people who wear contact lenses they are more likely to develop infections on the cornea.
  • Eye allergies: people allergic to pollen or Mites of dust are more likely to develop an inflamed cornea. In these cases, the patient is recommended prevent allergic outbreaks using antihistamine eye drops.
  • ParasitesThis type of inflammation of the cornea is much more serious than non-infectious keratitis and, in addition to the common symptoms, it usually causes blurred vision, excessive and constant tearing and the sensation of having grit or a foreign body inside the eye. This corneal inflammation is more common in people who wear contact lenses. 
  • Environmental exposure: Another cause of inflammation of the cornea is excessive exposure to very dry air. This can occur for different reasons, but the most common is that Eyelids they do not close completely and stimulate exposure of the eyes to the outside environment. This problem is common in people who sleep with their eyes slightly open. 
  • PhotokeratitisThis is an inflammation of the cornea caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet light. This type of keratitis can become chronic, especially in mountain environments, where the sun's reflection on the snow affects eye health more significantly. 
  • Contaminated water- Pool and hot tub water may contain chemicals that irritate the cornea and cause chemical keratitis. This type of inflammation usually lasts a little less than the others, usually a few minutes or hours. 
  • Other causes: toxic or irritant substances, trauma y scratches They can also cause inflammation of the cornea.


The symptoms of inflammation in the cornea are:

  • Ocular redness
  • Pain.
  • Eye discharge
  • Eye pain can cause difficulty opening the eyelids wide. 
  • Sensitivity to light or photophobia.
  • Feeling of having grit or some foreign body inside the eye. 
  • Blurry vision.
  • Lachrymation

Depending on the layers that have affected the inflammation of the cornea, a decrease in visual acuity

How is the inflamed cornea cured?

Treatment of inflamed cornea or keratitis it depends on whether this disorder is caused by an infection or not. Consider:

Treatment of non-infectious inflamed cornea

The treatment of inflamed cornea caused by trauma or shock in the eye, depends on how serious the injury is.

In milder cases, this type of inflammation in the cornea does not need us to treat it by applying any product or medication. However, in case the patient presents tearing and pain excessive, it may be necessary to apply some topical treatment

Treatment of inflamed cornea due to infection

To treat infectious inflamed cornea, you need to know the triggering cause of that infection.

When the infection is bacterial and mild, the patient should apply antibiotic eye drops to treat the inflamed cornea. If the infection is moderate or severe, they may be prescribed oral antibiotics

The antifungal treatments eyepieces are prescribed if the infection is caused by any fungus. The patient is also likely to be prescribed oral antifungal drugs

Corneal infection caused by Acanthamoeba parasites it is very difficult to treat since, in some cases, these pathogens are resistant to drugs.

There are some cares that can be of great help during the treatment of inflammation of the cornea:

  • Comply with the consultation schedule programmed by the ophthalmologist to follow up the treatment of inflammation of the cornea. 
  • Taking prescription medications by the ophthalmologist for the recommended time.
  • Be careful to avoid new eye injuries or trauma. It is important to wear sunglasses to protect the eyes from damage from ultraviolet rays.
  • Avoid doing activities that require a lot of physical effort. For a time it is recommended not to do intense physical exercise, not to use electronic devices or digital screens for a long time and not to go to beaches and swimming pools. 

If you present symptoms of an inflamed cornea, we advise you to go to the ophthalmologist immediately, as a timely diagnosis is essential for a good recovery. In Área Oftalmológica Avanzada we have the best specialist ophthalmologists in Barcelona. We will wait for you!

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