As quoted by Dr. Cancino of Area Oftalmológica Avanzada in the article “Ophthalmological tips to keep in mind during pregnancy”, the body of the woman can suffer many changes during pregnancy, some pleasant and others not so much, such as fluid retention, diabetes pregnancy, heavy digestions, heartburn, stinging sensation in the eyes ... which can affect the cornea, other components of the eye or vision. The good news is that some of them can be alleviated or prevented by adopting good eating habits.

fluid retention and vision in pregnancy

We quote below food solutions that can end with certain typical discomforts of pregnancy that can have serious consequences in the eyes:

How fluid retention affects our eyes

“With fluid retention, the cornea it can edematize, that is to say, accumulate liquid, making the curvature of the cornea vary, a fact that can lead to transient changes in the usual graduation ”

Generally, it is on the feet and ankles where fluid retention is first perceived. It is a very annoying effect, which makes the woman to do less and less physical activity. Moving less, in addition, increases the problem, engaging in a vicious circle. In general, fluid retention is accompanied by constipation, a situation that must be resolved as soon as possible by feeding.

For a future mother with these two ailments, the key treatment will be, on the one hand, to increase the biliary secretion, taking virgin olive oil in fasting or infusions of ginger; and on the other hand, facilitate the elimination of estrogen, eating, for example, broccoli al dente.

How gestational diabetes affects our eyes

"Blurred vision in pregnant women it can also be a manifestation of some systemic disease such as Gestational Diabetes "

It is common for pregnant women with gestational diabetes to starve and walk after meals. This feeling can be changed with varied and fun diets, where the amount is marked by themselves. Recommended diets rich in avocado, vegetable timbales, coconut butter, eggs with sweet potatoes, among others.

En Área Oftalmológica avanzada we have a team of nutritionists who are experts in women's health. If these vision symptoms still persist, see an ophthalmologist.

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Fluid retention, gestational diabetes and eye problems
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Fluid retention, gestational diabetes and eye problems
Discover how to prevent fluid retention, gestational diabetes, heavy digestion, heartburn, stinging eyes during pregnancy.
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