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Lasik or FemtoLasik: what are their differences?

Over the years, technological advances have allowed the evolution of diagnoses and refractive surgery, offering much more precise, fast and safe techniques.

Fortunately, today there is a ampI have a wide range of options to address vision defects according to the needs of each patient. For years, surgery Lasik It has allowed millions of people with refractive defects to be treated with laser, but nowadays there are more and more doctors and patients who prefer or opt for femtosecond laser through surgery FemtoLasik.

What are the differences between both techniques? Is it better Lasik or the FemtoLasik? In Área Oftalmológica Avanzada We answer those and many more questions. 

What is Lasik surgery?

Image of a microkeratome

To understand the differences between Lasik and FemtoLasik, we must first know what is done in each of these procedures.

La lasik surgery it consists of making a cut by means of a blade in the corneal tissue by means of a device called microquetatom specially designed for this purpose. Then a layer of tissue, better known as corneal flap, for the ophthalmology specialist to apply excimer laser in the cornea, previously programmed according to the needs of the patient.

At the end, the flap is put back in place without sutures. The tissues and the incision regenerate on their own as the days go by. 

What is FemtoLasik surgery?

Femtosecond laser to perform a FemtoLasik

Surgery FemtoLasik It is the most modern technique of all and is used to correct defects such as myopia, farsightedness and / or astigmatism.

El FemtoLasik uses the femtosecond laser, a very precise and accurate type of laser, to create CO2 bubbles and separate corneal tissue no need to make any cuts or incisions. Thanks to the femtosecond, a corneal flap is created more safely

Once the flap is created, the FemtoLasik process is the same as Lasik, that is, the excimer laser is applied to correct the refractive defect. Once the excimer laser action is over and the graduation has been removed, the flap is placed back on the cornea. One of the main advantages of this surgery is that the Femtosecond laser minimizes the chances of complications during and after surgery

Differences between FemtoLasik and Lasik

The differences between Lasik and FemtoLasik lie mainly in the use of the femtosecond laser to create the corneal flap: 

  1. In Lasik surgery, the microkeratome performs a corneal tissue cut, while, with the FemtoLasik, the femtosecond laser separates the layers of the tissue without making an incision. The absence of cuts in the FemtoLasik provides BEST and fairer Quick recovery. 
  2. The femtosecond laser acts very exact, accurate y controlled. Blade cuts depend on the surgeon's maneuver and there is a risk that the cut will not be accurate.
  3. The femtosecond laser used in the FemtoLasik offers lower risk of corneal ectasia than Lasik surgery.
  4. Thanks to the accuracy of the femtosecond laser thinner corneas can be operated with FemtoLasik surgery
  5. Patients operated with FemtoLasik have lower risk of requiring a touch up in the future
  6. The probability of Dry Eye after surgery is minor with FemtoLasik that under the Lasik technique. 
  7. The results and visual recovery is better in patients operated with FemtoLasik than with Lasik.

What type of surgery is better?

As specialists in refractive surgery, in Área oftalmológica Avanzada We cannot say that FemtoLasik is better than Lasik or vice versa. Both procedures are excellent. to treat refractive defects and, many times, the choice does not depend on the doctor or the patient, but on the anatomical characteristics of the ocular structure. 

When a person suffers a refractive defect such as myopia, and wishes to undergo surgery, it is necessary to study the ocular structure in an exhaustive manner to determine if the patient is a candidate for the intervention or not. For example, people with a very thin cornea cannot be operated with Lasik, should then be treated with FemtoLasik.

In general, both procedures are equally successful, and although there is one that is more modern and less invasive than the other, this does not imply that the other techniques are obsolete or out of use. Anyway, in Área Oftalmológica Avanzada We recommend the use of FemtoLasik ahead of conventional Lasik as it offers us:

  • Greater control
  • Greater precision.
  • Less refractive surprises.
  • Better recovery

A laser practically always gives us better control, greater safety and better surgical precision than traditional blade cutting systems.

Only a medical specialist can determine the best refractive surgery to solve your vision problems. Therefore, if you are interested in correcting your vision permanently, we invite you to get in touch with Area Oftalmológica Avanzada. Our specialists will be happy to help you!

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