The Eyelids Swollen patients are not only unsightly but also reflect some particular condition, whether properly ocular, an effect of tiredness or the symptom of another disease. The case is that when it happens the most normal thing is to ask why my eyelids are swollen and how to get them back to normal.

The function of the eyelids is to protect our eyes from external agents and, at the same time, help maintain the tear film in perfect condition, because with each blink we lubricate them and guarantee their health and well-being, this is why keeping them healthy is so important.

That's why in Área Oftalmológica Avanzada We explain in detail everything you need to know about the main causes of this condition.

swollen eyelids

Symptoms of swollen eyelids that you should keep in mind

As you will see later, the causes of eyelid inflammation can be very varied, and some of them are completely harmless to your eye health. However, if the swelling is accompanied by other signs, it is convenient to go to an ophthalmologist for a complete revision.

The causes of both swollen eyelids are usually the same as those of the swollen upper eyelid or less, although it does not always have to be that way.

Some of the symptoms to consider are:

Why do I have swollen eyelids? Most common causes

The most common reasons why the eyelids become inflamed are, for the most part, related to ocular conditions. The most common pathologies that can cause this inflammation are:


El orzuelo It is a common condition, which appears when an oil gland in the eyelid becomes blocked, causing inflammation and a small infection that leads to the formation of a bump on the edge of the eyelid very similar to a wheat. In addition to inflammation, it produces pain when blinking and discomfort.

Although it usually disappears on its own, it is important to see a specialist if we suffer from styes very often.


La conjunctivitis, What can be viral, bacterial o allergic, occurs when, due to the action of a virus mostly, but also of a bacterium or allergen, the conjunctiva or white part of the eye becomes inflamed, producing an evident redness of the area along with an inflammation of the eyelid.

This ocular disease requires the review of an ophthalmologist, because depending on its cause, one treatment or another must be applied.


Another common reason why the eyelids swell is due to allergies. This symptom manifests itself especially during times such as spring or autumn, when allergens such as pollen or dust present in the environment can trigger reactions such as inflammation of the eyelids, sneezing and nasal congestion when coming into contact with the body that produces the allergy in the eyes.

Eye injuries

Any blow or injury to the eye it can result in inflammation of the eyelid. If you have recently hit this area it is normal that it is inflamed, however if in addition to this symptom you present others such as blurred vision or pain, it is advisable to see a doctor.


An inflammation on the edge of the eyelid that occurs chronically is properly treated, usually due to an increase in bacteria in this area. Symptoms of Blepharitis They are varied and, in case of suspicion of this condition, we must visit an ophthalmologist.


It is a eye lump that appears, unlike the stye, far from the edge of the eyelid, although its cause is the same, the obstruction of the sebaceous glands. The symptoms of chalazion They are similar to those of a stye, however it is presented with a compact package that often requires antibiotic treatment, so medical attention is recommended to eliminate it.

Although much less frequent, inflammation in this area can also be due to ocular tumors. In any case, if we feel discomfort and we do not find an apparent cause, it is best to go for an ophthalmological examination to rule out any condition.

Other causes of eyelid inflammation

Factors unrelated to eye health such as lack of sleep, accumulated fatigue, the aging or fluid retention can also manifest in the appearance of our eyelids causing inflammation. In these cases it is recommended to review the daily routine well and determine if we are resting well and eating properly in order to prevent bad habits from impacting our well-being.

What do I do if my eyelids are swollen?

The answer to why I have swollen eyelids is not always simple, since several factors intervene such as the presence of possible eye diseases, aging, lack of rest or a bad diet that stimulates fluid retention.

But, because the most common causes are usually linked to diseases of the eyes, in Área Oftalmológica Avanzada We recommend that you always consult a specialist, as the treatment will vary depending on the condition that causes the inflammation.

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Why do I have swollen eyelids?
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