We continue with the confinement due to the coronavirus (covid-19) at home and it seems that this will still last a little longer. These days we are making a very important use of computer screens, tablets, mobile phones, etc., both for teleworking and for leisure and this use, even in some exaggerated cases, can cause eye disorders that we should take into account to prevent it. .

With this article we want to give some simple instructions for the proper use of screen devices and avoid problems that can cause or even prevent situations such as Dry Eye, those patients who suffer from this problem and who may feel that the discomfort increases these days.

eye care tips

Take regular breaks

El time we are in front of a screen, especially from a computer, if we are telecommuting, it means greater fatigue because at home we move less and the computers, the screens we use may be of lower quality. This forces us to pay more attention and blink less and as a consequence, greater tiredness and dry eyes.

To minimize this problem, we recommend pausing every 20 minutes, for 20 or 30 seconds. It is about fixing objects at different distances and for this we recommend getting up, changing rooms and if we can look through a window (distant vision), much better.

remember to blink

When we are attentive to the screen, both in teleworking and browsing on the computer, tablet or mobile, blinks less, it does not reach 15 blinks per minute and this means a longer exposure time of the ocular surface with the air. 10 seconds are exceeded and in most cases the tear film and it dries up cornea y conjunctiva so that when you blink again, an abrasion of the superficial cells occurs, causing discomfort (foreign body sensation) or aggravating the dry eye syndrome if you already had it.

Position yourself correctly in front of the screen

It is essential to keep the proper distances from the screen. The first thing is to place the computer screen discreetly below the plane marked by our eyes, approximately 20º, as it facilitates the convergence mechanisms and prevents eye muscle fatigue. At the same time you must maintain the appropriate distances:

  • Computers: 60-70 cm away.
  • Portable: 40-50 cm away.
  • Tablet: between 30-40 cm away.

Distance is important because if you get closer than appropriate, you force the eyes' accommodation mechanism and generate greater fatigue, which can trigger headachesblurred vision and ocular pain, very annoying and in the end, it prevents you from continuing with what you are doing.

Control the environment where you are

This is especially important in cases of telecommuting, especially because if we already had it organized at work, it is possible that it will not be the same at home. The first thing is prevent light from falling directly on the computer screen, avoid reflections. No it is convenient work in the dark, intermediate light is recommended and if it is natural, the better.

Also important is the temperatureshould not be too high between 20 and 22 ºC and in addition and must be accompanied by a correct humidity. We know that this is difficult to control, but it is a matter of being vigilant. If you are in a small room, control the heating, especially if it is by air, which dries the eyes much more, accelerates fatigue and causes drowsiness.

Be careful how you feel

Continuing with the previous point, at home we do not have the security measures that we have in the workplace and it is easy for us not to remember basic advice. Must achieve good ergonomics, the position of the body and head when sitting. It is recommended that the chair-table set allows you to keep your thighs at a right angle with respect to your back, between your thighs and calves and between your arms and forearms.

The head must be upright and it is the eyes that look down looking for the screen that we have placed at 20º with respect to the plane of the eyes, it is not the head that looks for the screen.

Artificial drops or tears

Do not forget use the drops of artificial tears if you had dry eye or notice dryness. It is common that when leaving the usual environment we forget some routines, such as using artificial tear drops in cases that need it due to dry eye. If you use them only when you notice discomfort, we are already late.

Artificial tears should not be abused but, if we are telecommuting and spend many hours in front of the computer, we should apply 1 drop every 2 hours, the one recommended by your ophthalmologist or those that contain Hyaluronic acid.

For those who have any questions, we offer to contact us to help you as much as possible, so that these days of confinement are more bearable, especially if you have to work at home with computers.

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Tips to take care of your eyes
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