Punctures in the eyes are a very disturbing and alarming sensation. However, it is a fairly common symptom that is associated with various pathologies.

To determine the cause of a puncture in the eye, It is important be aware of symptoms that accompany it, be it pain, sensitivity to light, tearing or stinging. 

En Área Oftalmológica Avanzada We explain what punctures in the eyes are and why they occur.

pricks in the eye

Causes of punctures in the eye

Punctures in the eyes can occur for various reasons, although, in most cases, it presents as a passing symptom.

Among the infections that can puncture the eyes, we highlight the following: 

Eye infection 

Our eye infections can cause stinging in the eyes, stinging, excessive tearing, redness and yellow discharge. For this reason, they must be treated as soon as possible to prevent them from affecting the cornea.

Generally, these types of injuries are treated by administering antibiotic eye drops that help to eliminate the pathogen. 

eye inflammation

Some injuries, illnesses and trauma can cause a eye inflammation accompanied by punctures in the eye.

When we see that the eye is inflamed, it is important to go to the ophthalmologist to determine the cause of the swelling and to know what the most appropriate treatment is. 


Many people who go to the ophthalmologist because they have punctures in the left eye, they do not know that the cause of this discomfort is the nasal congestion.

When there is a excess mucus in the nostrils, the pressure in the face can increase to the point of causing certain spasms or pricks in the eyes.

In these cases, it is necessary to receive the appropriate treatment to control sinusitis, reduce congestion and eliminate eye stinging. 

Dry eye syndrome

The tear is in charge of keeping the ocular structure hydrated and keeping it free of debris or residue.

When tear production is deficient or of poor quality, what we know as ocular dryness. A very annoying disorder that can cause pricks in the eyes.

El Dry Eye is a chronic disease and multifactorial that causes eye discomfort, irritation, feeling of having sand in the eye, sensitivity to light and itching, among other symptoms. 

Eye fatigue

Many times, punctures in the eyes are the product of having spent a long time in front of the computer, driving or reading a book without adequate lighting.

When the eye becomes fatigued, some of the first symptoms that can appear are punctures in the eye, inflammation, pain and redness.

That is why we must avoid visual fatigue respecting the rest times o goggles prescribed by the ophthalmologist.

Migraines and flu

La seasonal flu It can trigger nasal congestion as important as sinusitis and cause pricks in the eyes.

There are also patients who feel stitches in the eye when they are beginning to have a seizure. ocular migraine o cluster migraine In these cases, it is essential to go, in addition to the ophthalmologist, to neurologist


The punctures in the eyes are also due, although to a lesser extent, to the glaucoma.

This disease occurs when there is a drainage problem in the eye structure, which increases pressure levels and progressively affects the ocular nerve.

Diagnose and treat early glaucoma Is fundamental for avoid irreversible vision loss.

eye surgery

Some patients who have undergone a refractive surgery, they can suffer punctures in the eyes after the operation.

When this happens, it is important to go to the ophthalmologist to verify that the surgery is not the cause of the punctures in the eyes. 

As eye health specialists, we recommend that whenever you have any strange symptoms in the eye, you go to the ophthalmologist to examine your vision.

Many eye diseases can be controlled and cured thanks to a early diagnosis

stitches in the eye

Although most of the time, eye pricks are not a problem to worry about, it is recommended that you visit the ophthalmologist if they don't disappear or if you have the following symptoms

  • You have more than three punctures a day and its frequency is increasing. 
  • The punctures they are very strong and continuous.
  • You have other symptoms such as eye redness, swelling, vision problems, discharge or a feeling of pressure in the eye. 

Diagnosis of punctures in the eye

To diagnose the cause of eye stinging, the ophthalmologist must thoroughly examine the ocular structure.

Depending on what the expert sees during the eye exam, you may need to perform more diagnostic testssuch as an exploration in the slit lamp, pupillary response to light, measurement of eye pressure and an eye exam with fluorescein staining. 

Do you have pricks in the eyes? In Área Oftalmológica Avanzada we have the best ophthalmologists in Barcelona. Make an appointment with any of them and leave your visual health in the hands of a professional. We will wait for you!

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