The inner part of the eye structure is sterile and protected to prevent any bacteria or microorganism from affecting the eye's health. When a pathogen enters the eye it can trigger a delicate and dangerous infection that is known as endophthalmitis.

Endophthalmitis is a type of uveitis uncommon that is produced by the action of microorganisms that have penetrated the inner part of the eye, through a surgical incision or an injury to the ocular structure.

Treating endophthalmitis in time is necessary to avoid major complications such as loss of vision

En Área Oftalmológica Avanzada We are experts in eye health care, so we explain below what is endophthalmitis and what is the treatment to follow. 


What is endophthalmitis?

Endophthalmitis is an infection that affects the tissues, fluids and structures of the inner part of the eye.

Although rare, endophthalmitis is considered a medical emergency, as the infection can cause severe vision loss and even spread outside the eye structure.

When a person is suspected of having endophthalmitis, it is necessary go immediately to the ophthalmologist to receive the right treatment immediately in order to stop the proliferation of pathogens.

Any symptoms of redness of the eye, itching, discharge or tearing is reason enough to make an appointment with the ophthalmologist and prevent this type of chronic infections. 

Main causes

Endophthalmitis occurs when bacteria or microorganisms enter the inner part of the eyeball.

Usually, the pathogens responsible for this type of infection are the bacteria grampStaphylococcus epidermidis or S. aureus ossives.

Endophthalmitis caused by gram-negative bacteria or fungal agents are very strange and, like gramposotivas, originate from viral causes. 

Endophthalmitis can also occur intravenously after surgery Systemic or dental surgery.

In conclusion, the most frequent infection is through an incision or eye injury caused by: 

Puncture wounds generally cause exogenous endophthalmitis, since the source of infection comes from outside the body. 

acute endophthalmitis

Symptoms of endophthalmitis

Endophthalmitis symptoms begin within a few days after infection has occurred and usually progress rapidly.

These symptom are:

Treatment to follow

The treatment of endophthalmitis is very important, as the prognosis of this disease depends exclusively on how fast The infection has begun to be treated. 

To diagnose endophthalmitis, the ophthalmologist must perform a series of medical tests such as a vitreous puncture to detect the bacteria that caused the infection.

This test is very important to determine what will be the treatment for endophthalmitis.

Endophthalmitis is usually treated with medications or antibiotics given through an intraocular injection. The doctor is also likely to indicate the use of steroids in drops to fight inflammation.

When endophthalmitis is very advanced, it may be necessary to perform a surgery called vitrectomy, which consists of partially or totally removing the vitreous gel and replacing it with saline solution, gas or an oil bubble.

Endophthalmitis can be prevented if we take care of visual health responsibly, wearing sunglasses and goggles when going about any task you may put your eyes at risk.

It is also important to wear protective goggles during extreme sports to prevent trauma and injury directly to the eyeball. 

Sometimes endophthalmitis is the product of a complication during cataract postoperative. However, as long as medical advice is followed to the letter, there should be no reason for an eye infection of any kind to develop.

All recommendations are important, from the application of medications to hygiene standards such as hand washing before applying eye drops.

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Endophthalmitis: what it is, causes, symptoms and treatment
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Endophthalmitis: what it is, causes, symptoms and treatment
Endophthalmitis is a rare infection but it is considered a medical emergency. Discover what it is, its causes and its treatment.
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