The private foundation Dr. Carlos Vergés Its main objective is to promote the study and development of all procedures that are related to Ophthalmology, especially those that are aimed at improving knowledge of vision and fighting blindness. This initiative allows raising funds to develop lines of research, campyears of prevention of the most important diseases that can cause blindness, as well as the possibility of financially financing certain cases, which due to their severity or for other causes can not be treated in other centers.

To carry out these objectives, the following means will be made available:

  • Human Resources.
  • Seminars, courses, conferences, designed to publicize all the progress made by the Foundation, other public and private organizations, and specialists on the subject.
  • Postgraduate and Third Cycle University Courses in collaboration with the Universities of Barcelona, ​​Autónoma de Barcelona, ​​Polytechnic of Catalonia, University of Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) and Harvard University of Boston (USA).


All the people who are affected by an eye injury that somehow or partially deprive them of the vision will be eligible for the Foundation and benefit from its services and benefits.

The Board will check if the beneficiaries meet the established requirements.

Foundation income

The Foundation will be nourished by:

  1. The contributions and donations that any natural or legal person can make in their favor.
  2. The income that its beneficiaries contribute to pay the costs of its services.
  3. The inheritances, legacies and any other testamentary disposition in their favor, which must be accepted in any case for the benefit of inventory.
  4. The income derived from the exploitation of its assets.
  5. Subsidies, preferential credits and any other type of aid that you receive from any entity, public or private, from the local, regional or state Administration, and even from the European Economic Community, or from any other private body.

dr carlos verges foundation

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