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Myopia operation

Forget the glasses by 750 myopia operation

Operation of Cataracts

Specialists in the operation of Cataracts
operation cataracts

Dry eye syndrome

Stop suffering in silence and improve your quality of life

Dry Eye

Presbyopia or tired eyesight

Tired vision treatment with LASER or non-surgical methods
Presbyopia or eyestrain


The most advanced technology for the best treatment


Extensive experience in medical diagnosis and treatment

Causes of blurred vision

When we lose visual clarity we usually think immediately that it is an eye problem or a refractive defect such as astigmatism. However, there are many causes of blurred vision, so this problem can not be associated exclusively with ...

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Types of eye drops

Eye salve is a medicine composed of chemical and sterile solutions that is applied to the eye to treat various problems such as eye dryness, conjunctivitis and severe dry eye syndrome. There are many types of eye drops, for this ...

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Ophthalmology consultation forum

We solve all your doubts about Ophthalmology and Dry Eye.

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Report or consultation of an ophthalmologist specialist

We make ophthalmological online reports and consultations for patients who can not travel to our center in Barcelona.

Advanced Otalmological Area


Advanced Ophthalmology Area (AOA), is located in the upper part of Barcelona, neighborhood of Sarria-Sant Gervasi, considered one of the most welcoming areas of the city and where the most important centers of private medicine are concentrated Barcelona.


Address: Carrer de Dalmases, 42, 08017 Barcelona
Phone: 93 551

Opening times
Monday Thursday 9: 00 - 20: 00
Friday 9: 00 - 14: 00

Advanced Ophthalmology Area

Ophthalmologists in Barcelona

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Ophthalmology Mutual Societies in Barcelona

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Advanced Ophthalmology Area,
Dalmases 42,Barcelona,Barcelona-08017,
Telephone No.935 51 33 00
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Leaders in medical and surgical ophthalmology with more than 25 years of experience and vocation to develop technology and more advanced treatments for your eyes.