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emergencies oftalmologicas OPHTHALMOLOGICAL EMERGENCIES

Laser refractive surgery

100% laser correction of myopia, hyperopia and/or astigmatism with FemtoLasik.

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Cataract surgery

Cataract surgery with MICS microincision technique and both eyes at the same time.

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Surgical treatment of presbyopia using laser or implantation of a multifocal intraocular lens.

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Dry Eye

Treatment with Pulsed Light, radiofrequency, microexfoliation of the palpebral free edge and probing of the Meibomian Glands.

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Pediatric ophthalmology

Control of vision development and strabismus in boys and girls.

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Specialists in orbit and eyelid surgery as well as blepharoplasty and ocular aesthetics.

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Retina and vitreous

The best technology and experience to solve retina and vitreous problems both medically and surgically.

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Experts in diagnosis and surgical treatments such as MIGS minimally invasive glaucoma surgery and valve implantation.

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Ophthalmology at Hospital Dexeus

脕rea Oftalmol贸gica Avanzada (AOA) is an ophthalmological clinic in Barcelona that provides its services in the Dexeus University Hospital where it integratestogether with the rest of the medical-surgical specialties, to offer the patient a full assistance and comprehensive of the disease. This union allows us to analyze, along with the rest of hospital specialties, any disease from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Ophthalmological emergencies

En 脕rea Oftalmol贸gica Avanzada we count the on-site ophthalmic emergency service integrated into our ophthalmology service. You can contact us to receive more information or come to visit you directly.

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Monday Friday: 8:00 - 21h00
Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 8:00 - 20h00

Exclusive advantages of 脕rea Oftalmol贸gica Avanzada

easy access wheelchair ambulances

Wheelchair and ambulance access

ophthalmology hospital

hospital ophthalmology

night income

Comprehensive service and hospitalization

medical excellence

More than 30 years of experience

Latest News

Detect dry eye and what tests exist

Detect dry eye and what tests exist

There are numerous questionnaires that help us make a first assessment of the patient's symptoms. As is the OSDI test, which gives us a quick assessment of the symptoms of dry eye, its severity and the effects on your ability to function in...

Trifocal intraocular lenses

Trifocal intraocular lenses

Patients who have trouble seeing at different distances can use trifocal intraocular lenses. It is a solution that is implemented in a simple way, with little risk and lasts a lifetime. In 脕rea Oftalmol贸gica Avanzada we explain ...

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